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The Tramell Triplets are ONE!

Last Saturday was one of those rare early spring days here in Oklahoma.

The sun was shining, the temperature was near perfection, and the wind wasn't blowing with hurricane force.

So how lucky was I to spend the afternoon with three of the cutest kiddos I ever did see?!

Elliot, Cooper and Matilda (from left to right) were born THREE. MONTHS. EARLY!

Can you believe that? They haven't quite mastered sitting up all the way on their own yet since they made their debut so early, but super mom came through with some pillows to set in these adorable crates, and that really helped them sit up.

Mom and Dad are also fellow Potterheads, like me! I mean, check out their adorable blankets with that Harry Potter font! S W O O N.

Wands at the ready, y'all!

By the time we got around to the cake smash it was actually getting pretty warm outside, so we decided to move the party inside.

I can't be the only one who wishes she could eat cake with the complete abandon as a one year old, right?!

It was a great afternoon spent with great company.

Thank you, Tramell fam for letting me be a part of this milestone!

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